Healthy Ideas for the Lunchbox

Need inspiration to fill those lunchboxes in the morning?
Heres a few ideas to help you with easy and healthy alternatives…

Breads and Cereals:

There are so many healthy alternatives to the mass produced packaged food for lunchboxes that you buy in the supermarket that we have written an entire eBook bursting with recipes, ideas and tips to inspire you!
Checkout the link on our homepage, and in the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started:

Fill bread products with a variety of tasty fillings such as :

*Lettuce, grated cheese and grated carrot
*A container of favourite breakfast cereal
*Tomato and cottage cheese

Then there is also:

*Fruit or bran based muffins
*Fruit bread

*Muesli Bars are high in sugar and fat…try and limit them*

Fruits and Vegetables:

*Bananas (small are great for little kids)
*Sliced oranges in a container ready to eat
*Grapes, strawberries
*Kiwifruit, already sliced in half with a spoon included
*Fruit salad (make sure the container is totally spillproof!)

*Cheese slices with crackers
*Reduced fat yoghurt
Meat Products and Alternatives:

*Cold meat in sammies
*Corn fritters are delicious cold in lunchboxes
*Quiche sliced into small squares
*Boiled eggs
*Lentil burgers and slices of lentil loaf

Other Snacks:

*Coconut Milk
*Soy Milk
*Pure fruit or vege juice
*Organic Yoghurt
*Dried fruit

-To reduce lunchbox boredom and limit spoilage, buy a variety of rolls, breads, etc. Freeze them also.
-Don’t forget a bottle of water.
-Don’t forget spoons, forks, etc.
-Leftovers are a great option for the next day’s lunch.
-Large pieces of fruit can be overwhelming for smaller children. Cut everything into bite-sized pieces and make it manageable for them – you might find they come home with an empty lunchbox!

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