Two yummy smoothie recipes

Here are 2 of my favourite yummy smoothie recipes. These make great breakfasts!

1) Pear and Almond milk smoothie
Blend 1/2 Cup almond milk, 1/2 ripe banana and 1 pear in the blender until smooth.

2) Green smoothie
1 tsp green powder (spirulina, wheatgrass or whatever takes your fancy!)
1 green kiwifruit, peeled
1/2 ripe banana
3/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

Place all ingredients into blend and blend until smooth and frothy.


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Some common homeopathic remedies

There are many, many homeopathic remedies, and a small number are in everyday use all around the world.

I love that global-feeling that goes with Naturopathy.

In Germany a few years ago I visited a chemist to purchase some Rescue Remedy, the Pharmacist opened a door behind the counter, and beyond that door was like an endless walk-in-wardrobe for Naturopaths, with floor to ceiling shelves stuffed full of homeopathic remedies as far as the eye could see. Just amazing, and I think I may have been speechless. The Pharmacist was advising and prescribing homeopathy, and people were leaving with little bags of remedies. Brilliant!

Here are some of the more common daily-used remedies:

-Aconite. A popular remedy for the early stages of fevers and chills. It has been used with great success for the onset of croup. Its also used for upset stomachs and for fear and fright.

-Arnica. As you know I could rave on and on about this commonly used homeopathic rememdy…in fact I have dedicated a whole post to it in the past! Sometimes called the ‘King Of Remedies’, this is a useful all-round therapy for shock, tiredness, bruises and sprains.

-Belladonna. Used by many for  symptoms of fever and heat, especially in children and at the start of a fever.

-Chamomilla. For pain in teething, and for irritable conditions such as infant colic.

-Nux Vomica. Useful for indigestion and that bloated feeling after eating too much. Its also good for sleeplessness.

-Pulsatilla. For over-indulgence in rich foods, earache, teething, headache and chickenpox.

-Rhus Tox. For stiffness, muscular strains and ailments brought on by wet and cold.

Its a good idea to store your homeopathic remedies in a cool and dry place, and not to store them near highly vapoured items (like essential oils for example).

All of the above remedies are available in our Online Store – follow the link from our home page.

Have fun!

Suddenly water has become very confusing : Tap water vs Bottled Water

Whereas it used to be that water was just generally good for you, suddenly now water has become quite confusing within the subject of which is ‘best’ – Tap or Bottled.

When I was a kid we drank out of the hose in the garden and bottled water was unheard of!

Its hard to say which is ‘best’. We’re all looking for different things.

For example, if you are choosing water instead of Coke or Soft drink, then in my opinion it really does not matter if its Bottled or Tap. ANY water is better than Coke or Soft drink. Chose the water from any source in this circumstance and you have made the ‘best’ choice.

Some of us are uncomfortable with the additives in our tap water. The most commonly spoken about is fluoride. The issue with fluoride is that there are claims we are actually getting way sufficient fluoride in our diets as it is without even trying. Fluoride tends to be added to water to try and increase dental health. Its very common in New Zealand, where the water is already gorgeous and pure (and certainly not of any shortage) in areas where dental-disease is high in children. Not every family suffers from tooth/gum disease so it always seems a shame in these circumstances to take the choice away. If you are using standard toothpaste there will already be sufficient fluoride in your toothpaste to assist your teeth in any sort of assistance they may need.

Fluoride does have some proven side effects when too much is consumed, so its worth having a look at the link I’ve added to see if this effects you or your family.

There have been some alarming studies done recently on bacteria levels in bottled water, with quite large amounts detected…not enough to cause disease though but still not ideal. I will attach a link so you can read for yourself.

Sometimes theres an assumption that as there is a pricetag associated with bottled water, that it is ‘better for you’, although essentially unless you are buying locally bottled water and you are able to track the source, you don’t know where your water is coming from. This can be an alarming concept as if ‘pure’ water is what you are aiming for, you can’t necessarily be guaranteed this in bottled water.

Checkout the links and see what you think.

Either way, you need that daily water.

Drink up!

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Remember the posts of the past?

A bit of housekeeping!
Don’t be alarmed, I know the old posts have vanished. But I am often asked about posts from years ago – this blog has been running a long time now – and so I’ve decided to re-post all the oldies again over the next 12 months.
We can never have enough informed choice now can we??!
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Have a lovely day!

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Have you bought any Arnica yet?

If you haven’t – then this post might just persuade you!

Homeopathic Arnica is wonderful for many things, I have posted about it in the past.

Its effective for whooping cough, bruises, eczema, boils, strains, sprains, cramps and one of the most important first aid remedies for physical and emotional shock and injury.

It can be used to relieve eyestrain and fever.

Arnica has antithrombotic properties and can be taken before lengthy airplane flights to help prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

In children, Arnica is prescribed for whooping cough and bed-wetting which is associated with nightmares.

Find it at good health stores!

homeopathic arnica

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What are Bach Flowers?

You may have heard of rescue remedy…but you might not be aware of Bach Flower remedies.

The Bach Flower remedies are a simple and natural method of establishing equilibrium and harmony through the means of non-poisonous wild flowers. They were discovered in the late 1930s by Dr.Edward Bach (hence the name), and there are actually over 38 remedies.

The Bach Flowers can help with everything from discouragement to anxiety.

Rescue Remedy itself is made up of 5 of these flower remedies : impatiens, star of bethlehem, cherry plum, rock rose and clematis. It is a globally used remedy for shock or any kind of stress or upset, and comes in many different forms – drops, sprays, pastilles…even chewing gum.

Rescue Remedy cream can be applied externally for lacerations, bites, stings, burns, sprains and also used for massage.

You can also use Rescue Remedy on pets! Put 4 drops on their food or in their drinking water and it will benefit them immensely. Repeat if necessary.

Here is a link to the Bach Centre website for more information :

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Marvellous Comfrey for Sprains

Comfrey is a herb that is commonly grown for uses that are not medicinal. But comfrey has a hidden secret  and if you have a plant take note!

It is utterly fantastic for bruising, bumps, sprains and strains.

The american indians used to call it ‘knitbone’ – and for good reason.

I pick about 4-5 leaves of comfrey and dry them out in the oven. Then grind them up and add them to water that is nearly at boiling point. Let sit for a few hours – then soak flannels in the infusion and put in the fridge.

The cool works as an icepack, and the comfrey works away reducing swelling and bruising.

A word of caution though – don’t take comfrey internally. There has been much discussion over the safety of comfrey when taken internally, so don’t risk it.

Also, if you are a keen gardener, Comfrey is marvellous. I confine mine to a large pot as it goes crazy and takes over the garden otherwise. You can make a ‘Comfrey fertilizer’ for your garden by picking some leaves and simply covering with water and letting the mixture sit for about a week (I do this in a large watering can). It will be very smelly by the end of the week, but if you pour it over your veges and flowers, they will love it.

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The season of indulgent food is upon us!

The season of indulgence is upon us!

According to tradition one must consume a piece of Christmas Cake a day (I have no idea where this tradition came from) for 12 consecutive days in order to receive the ‘Christmas Good luck’. However, in my case I’ve probably already consumed the 12 pieces…falling well short of the said 12 days. Woops!

So if you are a ‘consumer’ like me you might like to consider the benefits of Peppermint Tea (I’ve talked about this in a previous post), Chamomile tea, and a favourite digestive homeopathic remedy – Nux Vomica. One of these combined with a wee lie down on the couch generally works wonders after over-indulgence of the Christmas sort.

If you are finding you are consuming more alcohol than usual due to Christmas functions then its good to remember that as alcohol depletes the body of important vitamins keep taking your multi-vitamin over the Christmas Season.

Try and start each day with a glass of water with lemon juice added – a good kick start for your body.

And lastly, remember to keep up your exercise routine. Going for a walk after a large meal can do wonders also.

Have a happy and safe Christmas Season!

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Ledum : great for slow healing wounds

Homeopathic ledum is fantastic for slow healing wounds, grazes, cuts, bites, insect stings, stiff and painful joints and puncture wounds.

It is very effective for injuries that are characterised by severe bruising with puffy skin and stinging pain.

Keep some in your first aid kit!

Available at good health shops.

Ps. Check us out on Amazon – search us under ‘Hayshee Natural Living’ for our series of super-cheap (99c) or free eBooks!

basic homeopthy