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Peppermint tea

Peppermint Tea is brilliant as an aid for digestion, and consequently great to drink as a ‘Table Tea’ at dinner time. Its naturally caffeine-free and has a lovely strong minty aroma.

Kids love it and love the novelty of having a cup of tea with dinner!

A soothing herb that apparently possesses the following health benefits:
-Beneficial for  irritable bowel syndrome
-eases nausea
-controls flatulence
-fights bad breath
-fights stress
-helps clear congestion related to colds and allergies

For years I have used Peppermint as an aid if my kids are feeling a bit tired and under-the-weather, it seems to work wonders for them to have a ‘lie down on the couch’, with a cup of Peppermint Tea.

If you have a teapot, its a lovely tea to brew up a pot of, and if the taste isn’t for you then try it with some pure honey – really yum.


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So whats the story with Palm Oil?

Theres a lot going on in the media at the moment in regards to palm oil and orangutans.

Deforestation is becoming wideswept throughout Borneo and Sumatra for the benefit of producing Palm Oil and a major concern for the habitat of orangutans, which are already very endangered.

Here are some quick answers to some of the questions you may have :

What is Palm Oil?
Palm Oil is an edible form of vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the palm, which mainly grows in Indonesia and Malaysia – where over 80% of the worlds supply of palm oil is produced.

What products is Palm Oil found in?
Baked goods, confectionary, cosmetics, body products and cleaning products.

What are the other names for Palm Oil?
There are over 30 different names for Palm Oil and this list is growing. For a thorough and up to date list checkout this website under the ‘Palm Oil’ tab :

What can you do to help?
Don’t buy products that contain Palm Oil! Use your dollar for voting, it really counts. Read labels thoroughly. Spread the word by telling everyone you know, and consider joining mailing lists from websites that are in the know : see the links below.

Helpful links :

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Three fantastic remedies for the bathroom

I have to confess that every bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and liquid soap that enters my house becomes ‘laced’ with bits and pieces by me before it eventually reaches the shower cubicle!

Let me share this with you, and explain why, and you too may end up doing the same.

I always remove the lids and add the following:

1) Apple Cider Vinegar. I always add about a tsp full to all bottles destined for the bathroom. I adore Apple Cider Vinegar. It is brilliant for dandruff, itchy scalp conditions and for preventing nits. It is also an antiseptic, and is fantastic for skin conditions of any sort, acne and mossie bites. Don’t add anymore than a tsp as it can sting eyes and ears, and we don’t want that!

2) Tea tree oil. There is nothing more brilliant for natural prevention of nits (head lice). I always add about 5 drops into the shampoo and conditioner bottles and the same for liquid soap. It is also an antiseptic and great for numerous skin conditions.

3) Coconut Oil. Once again nits (head lice) hate this and it is lovely and soothing for the skin, and fantastic for your hair. I add about a tsp to a bottle.

I always add the same to the children’s bath water – about 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, about 4 drops of tea tree oil and only about 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil (the bath can become very slippery otherwise) and its brilliant. Kids always have cuts or grazes or something, so this combination is very healing in the bath water as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar is available in our Online Store – follow the link from our homepage.

Have fun!

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Endless Mossie Spraying across communities in Australia

In the area I live in there are a trillion mosquitoes that also live here.

They love it here – there are swamps and bush and everything you would want if you were a mossie.

Going outside in the summer without mossie repellent is not a good move, you will be eaten alive.

However, our local council have what they consider to be the best solution to the mossie situation. A few times a year they sweep over all the mossie infested areas and spray a bacteria from the base of the helicopter. This apparently is the ultimate solution and we should all be very happy about this.

I just about had a heart attack when I first witnessed this – what the heck?!

The spray is a bacteria that kills adult mossies, but not larvae. You would think that the effects of this would be fairly instant but in the height of summer it does not appear to make any difference at all and the mossies are not phased at all by the bacteria.

Council will tell you that the bacteria, BTI, is quite safe. Of course they will. They won’t tell you its not safe will they?? Checkout this link for a review of BTI and the effects on human health :

On top of this they do what they call a ‘Sweep Fog’ once a month between 3am and 5am where they drive the streets releasing a fog which settles in 10 minutes. Many people in my community are not even aware that this happens. By the time everyone gets up in the morning the fog is all settled nicely into the world and the only effects they will notice is less mossies for a few weeks. If they are lucky they will not experience a rash, headache, cough or allergic reaction to the spray, and if they do they will probably put it down to getting a cold, not a reaction to the mossie spraying that just occurred whilst they were sleeping, more than likely with windows open.

But get this – when I phoned the council to ask them 1) What on earth was the spray they were spraying on top of my family and I? and 2) When did the information/permission forms, etc get sent out as I obviously did not receive them?… I was told by the lady that I spoke to that I was THE FIRST PERSON TO EVER PHONE AND ASK THESE QUESTIONS IN THE 15 YEARS THAT SHE HAS BEEN DOING HER JOB.

The first person! In 15 years!

I actually had to sit with my head in my hands for 2 seconds whilst dwelling on this.

Good Grief.

So lets dwell on that :

*For 15 years communities have been allowing a helicopter to spray bacteria on top of them without ever asking what is in the spray and what effect it could have on their health?
*For 15 years a truck has been ‘fogging’ the streets of communities with chemicals in the early hours of the morning with out even telling them when and where they are coming.
*For 15 years not one member of these communities have complained?
*For 15 years communities have been OK with this?

The main reason, the council says, that they spray is because of 1) Residents phoning them and complaining about mossies (don’t they use mossie repellent??), and 2) because the mossies carry Ross River Virus evidently.

Granted Ross River virus does look a bit awful – headaches, flu symptoms, aching joints, etc. Nasty. But there have not been any recorded cases of it in Queensland for many years. Some would say this is because of the spraying…but I could go round and round in circles here saying that the mossies are not killed by the spraying and still biting….(see above).

So I say to you now – you have a human right to protest, complain and look after your family and yourself.

If this spraying and sweep-fogging is happening in your community (or you live in mine!) and you are NOT happy about it – then do something about it!!!!

Another day of being sprayed on the Gold Coast

Good Morning Northern Gold Coasters!

Look into the sky – see that helicopter? It is currently spraying a spray called BTI into YOUR environment in an attempt to prevent mossie larvae forming after all the recent rain.

Are we supposed to be grateful for this?

Did you know that if you are living on the Northern Gold Coast right now, yes right now, you are breathing this spray?

Are you really OK with this?

Who are the council fooling saying that spray is not floating into our environment this morning with the current breeze and occasional showers?

The reason they are spraying this morning is because there is a king tide due. This, to put a long story short, can cause a mountain of mossies.

And as people phone the council and moan, moan, moan about the mossies, the council are only responding to public pressure.

Do you remember signing a consent form to allow yourself to be sprayed? Hmmm, me neither.

Did you know that BTI kills bees?

Did you know that BTI is a researched carcinogenic?
Oh, What is a carcinogenic?
A carcinogen is any substance that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer. This may be due to the ability to damage the genome or to the disruption of cellular metabolic processes.

If you are happy with being sprayed with a carcinogenic, then please don’t read any further. After all, it’s freedom of choice here at this blog, and that’s your call.

If you feel like this sort of situation doesn’t work for you, that you are entitled to know what yourself, your family and your pets are consuming – then please make a call to the Gold Coast City Council and tell them this. Tell them you are unhappy. Tell them you want to know more.

Tell them that you value your health.

Make your own Jams and Preserves – its easy!

I know it sounds a bit odd for a Naturopath to be promoting jams that are potentially sugar-laden.
But if you make your own you can avoid all the chemicals and
preservatives that store bought is loaded with, you can actually reduce sugar in the recipe, and use organic sugar. You can also preserve with honey too as a sugar replacement, believe it or not….and the results are delicious.

I’m passionate about reducing chemicals in our food – so if you like a bit of jam on your toast I would thoroughly recommend you consider making it yourself.

Don’t be put off by the concept that making your own preserves and jams is hard work, its really quite easy and a lot of fun.

Once again I discovered that we had way too many recipes and ideas on jam and preserve making to squeeze into one Blog – so I’ve combined them all into an Ebook. This book is available on Kindle for $2.99. Just follow the links on our homepage.

In the meantime heres a couple of favourites you might want to try :

Lemon Honey
There are numerous recipes for Lemon Honey, but this is by far the creamiest one I have used.

4 eggs, beaten
2 Cups organic sugar
Juiced and finely grated rind of 4 organic lemons
1/2 Cup butter

Combine the ingredients in a pot or metal bowl and heat over boiling water, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon. Cook until mixture is thick (it will get thicker when cool). Bottle into small jars, and either seal as for jam, or keep in the fridge (it will be eaten up fast!).

Green Tomato Chutney
Yes, this is actually a chutney, and lovely served as a relish with a summer salad. Try and use organic onions – supermarket onions are highly sprayed.

2 kgs green tomatoes, chopped
3 green apples, cored and chopped
2-3 organic onions
1 1/2 Cups organic raisins
3 Cups organic brown sugar
2 1/2 Cups malt vinegar
3 tsp salt
6 red chillies
1 tsp whole cloves
1 tsp whole allspice
1 piece fresh root ginger, peeled

Cook the chopped tomatoes, apples and onions in a little water until tender, then drain. Tie the chillies, cloves, allspice and ginger into a muslin bag. Combine all the ingredients in a large pot and simmer slowly until the chutney is thick – around 1 hour. Remove the muslin bag. Ladle into sterilised jars and seal while hot.

Remember jams and preserves make fantastic and economical gifts as well!
Have fun.

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Homemade cough medicine

Homemade cough medicine is easy-peasy to make, and minus all the additives that pharmacy cough medicine has.

Its also very effective and safe for children over the age of 18 months.

Heres the Recipe:

Take one onion and cut in half. Its best to use an organic onion as sadly conventional onions are smothered in sprays. Place the 2 halves face down in a dish. Pour honey over the top of the onions, about 3-4 Tbsps onto each one. Then pour 1 tsp (or 1/2 a tsp depending on taste) of Apple Cider Vinegar over each onion half.

Cover the onions with a cover that does not touch them, for example a large pudding bowl.

Leave overnight. In the morning remove the onions, and give them a little squeeze to remove any excess onion juice.

The liquid you have left is your cough mixture. Mix it around and pour into a more suitable container, unless the dish works for you.

Take 1 tsp every couple of hours for a cough. This is also great to build up immunity at the beginning of winter, and  for colds and flus.

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I love lipbalm

Its true.

Although I am supposed to be a grown-up, I still adore lipbalm tenfold over lipstick.

This has worked out well for me, as its very easy to purchase all natural and organic lipbalm. I always found it a bit more tricky to find the same in the form of lipstick, however constantly new and gorgeous natural products arrive on the market and there are some natural lipsticks now appearing in shelves.

About 5 years ago my teenager did a study on ‘lead in lipstick’ for a science project. The facts and results were alarming. Quite alarming.

Mass produced and some of the most gorgeous lipsticks ever made, sadly contain very, very high levels of lead. This of course was common knowledge before the school project, but personally I had never looked into the actual depth of it until then.

I was inspired to search further for details as to what society is actually putting onto their lips.

From what I have researched, some of the brands that include lead in their lipsticks are :
-Christian Dior
-Yves Saint Laurent
-Estee Lauder
-Red Earth

…in other words, lovely brands with divine products – that are sadly loaded with lead.

The FDA does grant approval for lead to be present in lipstick (the Food and Drug Administration), but claim that it is present in such miniscule amounts as to not effect human health.

And maybe this is the case too. But is it worth the risk?

Lead is essentially an element that is toxic to humans. Really we should make every effort to distance ourselves from it.

We can make a choice every single day to reduce the chemicals, and any additive we do not desire in our daily lives, so this is another opportunity really.

There are some beautiful lipbalms and now lipsticks too that are naturally and organically produced….you can even make your own! Its dead easy – I will post a recipe in the future and you’ll be whipping up homemade pottles of lipbalm before you know it!

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Have a little bit of dark chocolate a day – its good for you!

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has delivered an opinion supporting the health claims that chocolate aids healthy blood flow!  EFSA found that scientific evidence supports the claim the cocoa flavanols help maintain endothelium-dependent vasodilation which contributes to healthy bloodflow.

As a consequence, they recommend that we eat a teeny bit of dark chocolate a day, well… can’t complain at that!

Ps. If you buy Fairtrade dark choccie you are also doing a great thing for the world…you know what to do!

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Apple Cider Vinegar is your liquid gold

It really is. This humble vinegar has so many health properties that its like an age-enhancer, first aid kit, wellness promoter and natural remedy for ailments liquid all sitting in one bottle looking innocent.

I use it everyday, and you can too as its so easy to purchase (good Health Shops or Organic shops have good quality brands) and super easy to use.

So passionate am I about Apple Cider Vinegar, that I have combined all the wonderful uses into an eBook – currently available on Amazon in two languages – English and French (Français, Oui! Oui!). Its a bargain price at only $2.99, or is available free on kindle library. Follow the links at the bottom of the page to purchase.

Apple Cider Vinegar has high levels of potassium, even more than bananas. We are lacking potassium everywhere we look – our soils are constantly stripped of essential minerals.

Here is just a few things you can use it for :

* Cuts, scraps, grazes, pimples, insect bites, splinters, and as a general skin antiseptic.
* Sore throats – gargle 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in water every hour (spit out the liquid afterwards)
* General wellness. Splash a bit of apple cider vinegar in your water bottle every time you fill it up.

And so much more!

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