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Shouldn’t an Apple Pie have Apple in it?

When I make an apple pie at home the filling consists of stewed apple, cinnamon and I use honey to sweeten.

Here is what McDonalds uses in their apple pie filling :

Sodium Carboxy
Sodium Methyl
Sodium Cellulose (466)
Colour (160)
Colour (E160b)
Modified maize starch
Trisodium Citrate (331)
Citric acid (330)
Nutmeg extract
Cinnamon extract
Lemon juice extract
Apple extract

If you are unhappy with this extensive list of artificial ingredients – then vote with your dollar and don’t buy McDonalds Apple Pies!

What’s in those little tomato sauce sachets?

Those little sachets of tomato sauce that you get at McDonalds and fast food places do not actually have a lot of ‘tomato’ in them.

Here’s the ingredients of one of those sachets :

*Tomato paste extract
*Calcium sulphate (526)
*Invert sugar extracts
*White vinegar extract 9260)
*Acetic Acid
*Sodium Diacetate (262)

Just more ‘food for thought’!

McDonalds Chicken Nuggets – anyone for a nugget of plastic?

Its become common knowledge that McDonalds Chicken Nuggets only contain 2% chicken extracts.

Lets repeat that – 2% CHICKEN EXTRACTS!

Try asking McDonalds what they mean by ‘extracts’ and what exactly is in the remaining 98% – and you’ll find it very difficult to get an answer.

However, all is not doom and gloom…and this is why : if you don’t like what you’re eating, then STOP BUYING IT.

You have the power!

Every time you buy the chicken nuggets from McDonalds you are voting with your dollar. You are saying ‘Hey no problem, I love eating 2% chicken extracts, not knowing what is in the remaining 98%”

You have every right to know what you are eating, and you have every right to demand food that is healthy, natural and from an ethical background. You are SO NOT going to get this with McDonalds chicken nuggets.

Here is the ingredients of the batter alone :

*Wheat flour
*Cornflour extract
*Spice extract
*Sodium Aluminium Phosphate (541)
*Sodium Bicarbonate (500)
*Vegetable Oil
*Maize Oil
*Antioxidents (310, 320, 321)
*Calcium Lactate (327)

And that’s just the batter.

Can you imagine what is in the mysterious 98% of the actual nugget?

What exactly is in the McDonalds Tartare Sauce?

The answer is a very long list of ingredients, that mostly do not do your body any favours at all.

Here is what is in the McDonalds Tartare Sauce :

-Soybean Oil
-Distilled Vinegar
-Onion extract
-Modified corn starch
-Dried egg yolks
-Corn syrup solids
-Mustard flour
-Xanthan gum (415)
-Potassium sorbate (202)
-Dehydrated parsley
-Spice flavours

When you purchase McDonalds products – you are actually voting with your dollar.

Are you really happy consuming all these ingredients?

What is actually in a McDonalds ‘Orange Juice’?

So, after a bit of research it turns out there is not actually a lot of ‘orange juice’ in a McDonalds orange juice.

Here are the actual ingredients:

Flavoured orange extracts
Flavoured orange juice concentrate
Orange Oil
Citrus cell
Citric acid
Natural colour (160a)
Preservatives (202, 211)

I guess the word ‘juice’ is used lightly.

Vote with your dollar! Its time to decide whether or not you really want these preservatives in your body, and those of your loved ones.

There is ALWAYS a better and healthier alternative.

When I loved McDonalds apple slices for about 10 minutes

Here’s a story :

For a teeny, tiny while I felt warm fuzzies about the McDonalds apple slices.

Yes Me! A Naturopath.

This was about 10 years ago, for about 10 minutes.

It was when the only takeaways available in the town that I lived in were Fish’n’Chips, KFC and McDonalds. I don’t need to talk about the zero nutritional value that these takeaways hold (but you can guarantee that I will in future blog posts), and at the time McDonalds introduced some ‘healthy’ options to their menu. This included little bags of sliced apples. Awwwww! So cute and healthy too!

As a Naturopath, I had some serious warm fuzzies towards McDonalds. Finally kids could have a little packet of apple slices instead of fries! Woop!

But then reality hit. It was a business move. Consumer demand was jumped on by McDonalds, and a niche in the children’s market was being filled. And in the market that parents were looking for essentially also with the outburst of Diabetes Type 2 in teenagers and generally unhealthy children with low immunities.

Pictures of famous (and highly paid) sports people were appearing on McDonalds billboards clutching a hamburger in one hand and a bag of apple slices in the other. Look kiddies! We eat McDonalds – so should you! Its ‘healthy’ afterall!

So I did some research. Sadly those lovely little pieces of apples all sliced so neatly into the lovely little McDonalds plastic bags are actually about 12 months old when they reach the shelf at McDonalds. To get to this stage they are sprayed with a trillion different chemicals (of which McDonalds will tell you are safe) to preserve them for as long as possible. Prior to this the apples were sprayed and PRE-FROZEN for a period of time before being packaged.

Why can’t McDonalds just have a bowl of fresh organic apples behind the counter that they sell for say $1 each or include in meals? By doing this they would tick so many boxes – supporting the local organic farmer for one, and selling a good quality and healthy product to children as well.

But its all about the money. McDonalds would not make the ginormous profit they make on every other product if they took my suggestion.

Nope, its easier for Maccas to cover everything in spray and attempt to fool us into thinking its healthy.

Oh dear.

What’s in the cheese McDonalds uses?

Here is a list of the ingredients that McDonalds uses in their ‘cheese’ slices :

Enzyme modified cheese
Acetic acid
Citric acid
Skim milk powder
Emulsifier (339, 331)
Annatto B-Carotene (160a, 160b)
Sorbic ACid (200)
Lecithin (322)

In other words, this is not cheese – its plastic.

Need more be said!!