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A Shout Out for Meatless Mondays!

How wonderful is the Meat-free Monday project?

If you are still to hear of this marvellous project I am a huge supporter so you might be hearing a lot about it from this blog in the future!

Meat-free Monday was started in the UK by the McCartney family. Linda McCartney was a vegetarian and food pioneer of her time.

Carrying this vegetarian passion on the McCartney family promote Mondays as being meat-free – giving your health and your pocket a boost as well as helping our planet. They are correct when they say that having one meat-free day each week can make a huge difference.

What I like about this project is that it only promotes one day a week meat-free. I’m not a believer in this busy world of doing things fast – and going cold turkey (if you’ll excuse the pun) and completely vegetarian in one hit can be stressful. Why not start one day a week and see how you go? Stretch to two days after a while and then three, and before you know it – Voila! You’re vegetarian! If you are already a vegetarian – why not make Monday your ‘Go-Vegan’ day?!

I remember Linda McCartney passing away in the late 1990’s. I was so sad. It was sad to say goodbye to such an inspiring vegetarian and passionate supporter of animal rights – but this wonderful project keeps her memory alive and I know she too would think it was marvellous.

Checkout this link :


Anti-Wrinkle Home Facial Recipe

Here is a lovely recipe for a homemade facial:

*1 Egg White
*Contents of 2 Vitamin E capsules
*2 tsps plain yoghurt
*1/2 tsp honey
*1/2 tsp lemon juice

Apply to the face and leave on for half an hour. Its always much easier to wash off if you just jump into the shower afterwards.

Lots more of my facial recipes are available in my ebook. Follow the links on the homepage…

Have fun!

Please pass the honey!

Some call it  the ambrosia of the Gods and it is mentioned in the Bible, honey really is one of the most versatile and antibiotic medicines that nature has provided us with.

I use it everyday for something or another and entire books have been written about this first sweet of mankind (not counting licorice), so next time you’re in the library or surfing the net have a look and you’ll be amazed how often honey is referred to, and how generally amazing it is considered to be.

Each country, and each area within a country, tends to have a distinctive type of honey. Some say that if you have hayfever – try eating honey produced nearest to your home (honeys are labeled generally to flower and origin).

Firstly, its brilliant for sores, cuts, wounds and extra brilliant for mouth ulcers. During war shortages honey was often used with vegetable oil as a dressing for small wounds, with great effect.

It makes an excellent gargle for sore throats. Mix one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water. Gargle with it 3 times a day.

Honey’s a brilliant addition to cosmetic facials…mix it with ingredients such as olive oil, egg white, powdered brewers yeast and rosewater for an amazing and soothing facial.

You can substitute it for sugar in recipes, but be careful with measurements. As a rough guide, when you substitute honey for sugar you have to use less liquid by the cup. Always deduct three tablespoons of any other liquid in the recipe for every cup of honey you use. If the recipe calls for one Cup of dry sugar, use only 2/3 Cup of honey as an example.

To bring a boil to a head, mix honey with a tiny amount of flour and apply it with a plaster over to keep it clean. Keep reapplying for 24 hours and you should have results.

Honey is also slightly laxative, so try having a teaspoon dissolved in hot water with your breakfast if you are prone to constipation.

Lemon and honey drinks are fantastic. I make these up in the summer as well, and keep the drink in a container in the fridge to be drunk as a cool summer drink. Its a yummy sweet beverage, and kids love it. As a warm drink, its really soothing and vitamin-packed and its a great habit to get your family into drinking them as well.

It can be added to any herbal tea to sweeten it, a really good mid-afternoon drink.

Please note though: Scientific Evidence tells us : Don’t give honey to children under 2 years of age. Some uncooked honeys may contain botulism organisms. These are easily digested and eliminated by adults, not so in infants. For this reason many health organisations advise you also to avoid giving it to smaller children. Please be aware of this.

Great facepack for oily skin

Home made and natural facepacks are one of the most simple and easy ways to treat your skin well – without the chemical load.

Heres a great facepack recipe that you can make yourself for minimal cost.

Facepack for Oily Skin
1/2 Apple
1 Tbsp Lime Juice
2 Tbsp Sour Cream

Blend the ingredients in a blender or food processor.
Apply to face and let set for 10 minutes.
Rinse off with warm water – or in the shower is ideal.

We have lots more of these recipes in our ebook series – follow the links on our homepage.

When I loved McDonalds apple slices for about 10 minutes

Here’s a story :

For a teeny, tiny while I felt warm fuzzies about the McDonalds apple slices.

Yes Me! A Naturopath.

This was about 10 years ago, for about 10 minutes.

It was when the only takeaways available in the town that I lived in were Fish’n’Chips, KFC and McDonalds. I don’t need to talk about the zero nutritional value that these takeaways hold (but you can guarantee that I will in future blog posts), and at the time McDonalds introduced some ‘healthy’ options to their menu. This included little bags of sliced apples. Awwwww! So cute and healthy too!

As a Naturopath, I had some serious warm fuzzies towards McDonalds. Finally kids could have a little packet of apple slices instead of fries! Woop!

But then reality hit. It was a business move. Consumer demand was jumped on by McDonalds, and a niche in the children’s market was being filled. And in the market that parents were looking for essentially also with the outburst of Diabetes Type 2 in teenagers and generally unhealthy children with low immunities.

Pictures of famous (and highly paid) sports people were appearing on McDonalds billboards clutching a hamburger in one hand and a bag of apple slices in the other. Look kiddies! We eat McDonalds – so should you! Its ‘healthy’ afterall!

So I did some research. Sadly those lovely little pieces of apples all sliced so neatly into the lovely little McDonalds plastic bags are actually about 12 months old when they reach the shelf at McDonalds. To get to this stage they are sprayed with a trillion different chemicals (of which McDonalds will tell you are safe) to preserve them for as long as possible. Prior to this the apples were sprayed and PRE-FROZEN for a period of time before being packaged.

Why can’t McDonalds just have a bowl of fresh organic apples behind the counter that they sell for say $1 each or include in meals? By doing this they would tick so many boxes – supporting the local organic farmer for one, and selling a good quality and healthy product to children as well.

But its all about the money. McDonalds would not make the ginormous profit they make on every other product if they took my suggestion.

Nope, its easier for Maccas to cover everything in spray and attempt to fool us into thinking its healthy.

Oh dear.

Naturopathy is not about swallowing ‘vitamins’

I realised recently that there is a risk that traditional Naturopathy has been taken over by ‘vitamin sellers’.

This came to me when I was asked, for the 500th time, “Oh, so you sell vitamins?”. Sometimes it is worded along the lines of “Oh, you are a Naturopath! Great! So what vitamins do you sell?”, or “Do you sell a vitamin that could help me?”

Imagine me banging my head against a wall (which is very un-naturopathic).

When did traditional Naturopathy get taken over by these ‘vitamin sellers’ ?

This might just be a controversial post – but its my duty as a Naturopath to let you know the facts, and to advise you to always, always seek advice and consultation from a trained and registered Health Professional – not a sales person.

It saddens me that there are actually quite a few Vitamin Sellers out in society, working for large companies that mass produce a trillion bottles of vitamins and minerals per annum that are often full of tableting agents and produced un-ethically. Often the Vitamin Sellers are selling, promoting and providing unsuspecting people with bottles of vitamins that could actually make them feel worse. The Vitamin Sellers are often on commission. They promote their vitamins to members of society that are already tired, stressed and burning the candle at both ends so are quite happy to try ‘anything’ that can revive them a little.

Sadly the Vitamin Sellers do not really know the depth of what they are selling. Why not? Because they are not Naturopaths. They are business people. Or Sales people. Ask them what sort of reaction the product will have in your body..Ask them what medications you can combine with..Ask them what the side effects will be for YOU – the individual. The Vitamin Seller won’t be able to tell you. So why would you trust the product and swallow it daily? They have been trained to sell the vitamins, and have undertaken training in regards to this. Very rarely is training given in any other aspect – and if it is – how reliable is this training? Is it from a registered University?

Good health is not about taking vitamins. Its about getting enough sleep (so important!), laughing a lot, getting as much exercise as you can, eating a balanced and healthy diet, and learning to let go of the things that weigh you down. Its about taking supplements as part of a sensible diet – for your own personal circumstances. Its about working out whatever health issues are yours, and making what changes you can to deal with this or prevent anything in the future.

Good health does not mean you need to be as skinny as a stick insect. It does not mean you need to be a fitness machine.

You would be better off ditching all forms of takeaway, replacing soft drink with pure water and have a meatless day a week than taking a daily supplement from an unknown background.

Its most certain that you will not achieve good health by taking a ‘vitamin’ everyday and ignoring the rest.

World Health Organisation (WHO) issues mobile phone brain cancer warning

Mobile Phone Users are at increased risk of brain cancer, the World Health Organisation’s cancer experts have said.

Radio frequency electromagnetic fields generated by such devices are “carcinogenic to humans” the International Agency for Research on Cancer announced at the end of an eight day meeting in France.

Two studies in particular, the largest conducted over the last decade showed a higher risk in those that had the most intensive use of mobile phones.

‘Intensive use’ is considered to be 30 minutes a day.

Some individuals tracked in the studies had used their mobile phones for that 30 minutes a day for a period of 10 years.

“We simply do not know what might happen in the future as people use their phones over longer time periods, possibly over a lifetime” the President of the workgroup said.

About 5 billion mobile phones are registered in the world. The number of phones and the average time spent using them has climbed steadily over the years.

The IARC has groups of which it classifies cancer-causing elements to be carcinogenic:

Cigarettes, Sunbeds and Asbestos are in Group 1.

Mobile phones now join Glass Wool in Group 2.

One of Australia’s leading brain surgeons says the report of the harmful effects of mobile phones should serve as a”wake up call” to users and the telecommunications industry.

Dr.Charles Teo, of the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, said he was “pleased” with the findings. “There is an increasing body of evidence that there is an association between brain tumours and mobile phones” he said.

Eggs do not have hormones or antibiotics added!

I made an interesting discovery today.

I was passing through the egg aisle in my local supermarket and found myself reading the labels on the cartons of eggs. Lucky for me I have a great source of Free Range eggs that I buy direct, so do not usually buy supermarket eggs.

Anyhow, there on the shelf there is a carton of a dozen eggs with the label ‘cage eggs’, and then, in all its glory, the following words:

“These eggs have no added hormones or antibiotics”.

What do they take us for?

Of course they have no hormones or antibiotics, duh! How exactly would one add hormones or antibiotics to an egg if one wanted to anyway?

It is of course the hen that lays the egg that is being fed the hormones and antibiotics. Why? To make her lay her big, perfectly shaped egg with a big perfectly shaped yolk inside it, at aroundabout the same time everyday. And to encourage her to possibly lay more than one egg a day, and to hopefully increase her production within the short space of time that she is alive. Why? Because these ‘cage eggs’ are from factory farmed hens that are kept in teeny, tiny cages, and it is a business.

If the hens are NOT fed antibiotics and hormones, then why doesn’t the advertising on this particular egg carton say so?

Sadly, this goes on world wide. If you buy eggs laid by ‘caged hens’ you can be guaranteed that each of the 12 hens that laid your dozen did not scratch and dig in the dirt, have a dust bath or even feel the sunshine or fresh air. Cage-farmed hens have a really horrid life, theres no denying it. Apparently, things have improved a teeny, weeny bit since this issue came to light recently, but only in a very small sense, ie, only 1 or 2 birds to a very small cage instead of 5 or 6 birds.

So thats not really considered an improvement, is it?

The only reason that advertising such as ‘these eggs have no added hormones or antibiotics’ is appearing on the cartons of eggs from caged hens, is to try and soothe public opinion, and frankly is deceptive advertising.

If you had heard about this issue a wee bit on the news, and had heard the words ‘hormones’ and ‘antibiotics’ used in a negative sense in regards to Supermarket eggs, then you could easily grab these cartons and be forgiven for thinking you were doing the right thing (I read once that a customer in a Supermarket takes 10 seconds to decide on a product, 10 seconds!…but not to digress) .

Its just horrible that egg production has turned so awful and un-ethical and these poor old hens have such a hideous life.

Luckily there are some hens having a nice life too – with ethical egg farming and free-range situations. You can purchase free-range as easily as you can cage eggs, and the price difference is generally around $3 more for a free-range dozen from the supermarket.

Read the labels though to make sure they are genuine free-range.

If you are interested in free-range eggs, I have included some links from this Blog to interesting articles and websites that explain more in detail.