A few reasons NOT to drink Coke

Heres a few reasons not to drink Coke:

* To carry the Coca-Cola syrup (the concentrate) the commercial truck must use the ‘Hazardous Material’ signs reserved for highly corrosive materials.

* The phosphoric acid in Coke is known to erode tooth enamel. When that protective layer is compromised, teeth are vunerable to decay.

* Drinking two or more cans of Coke a day has the ability to cause kidney stones to form.

* Coke is high in caffeine, which has numerous side effects including anxiety, ‘jitters’, heartburn, insomnia, and increased heart rate.

* Coke is an ’empty’ beverage with zero nutritional benefits.

* One can of Coke a day increases your risk of diabetes by 85%.

* There are 22 teaspoons of sugar in one can of coke! 22!

* Coke removes rust spots from chrome car bumpers.

* Coke cleans road-haze from your windshield.

* To loosen a rusted bolt, apply a cloth soaked in Coca cola to the rusted bolt for several minutes.

* You can clean corrosion from car battery terminals with Coke. Pour a can over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion.

….and one that I have personally tried and tested – I was told  that you could remove grease-spots from a concrete driveway using Coke, so I could not resist and tried it, it worked! Shocking but true.

If its winter where you are…munch on some vitamin C!

If its winter where you are , its a good idea to get some vitamin C tablets.

Otherwise known as Ascorbic Acid, make sure you buy a good quality brand – I love Blackmores personally –  read the label to ensure that you are not eating mountains of tableting agents which some brand names tend to use.

Vitamin C is present, of course, in many foods….foods high in vitamin C are kiwifruit, limes, lemons, mandarins, oranges, grapefruit, rockmelon, pawpaw, broccoli, and the humble tomato. Fresh produce has more vitamin C retained than preserved or frozen produce, and tests have revealed that organic produce has more levels of vitamin C detected than non-organic.

Often seasonal winter fruit and vege are high in vitamin C – its nature’s way of providing us with that extra that we need during winter maybe.

Juices are good too – the more ‘pure’ the better. Less than 98% juice is simply not juice in my opinion, its cordial. Check for the pulp at the bottom of the bottle, and read the label. Organic juices are not actually all that more expensive when you weigh up the health benefits. And of course : try  lemon and honey drinks! So yummy, kids love them, plus that lovely goodness that honey has to offer (see previous post!).

Have a lovely day!

How to prevent your kids being Coke drinkers…

A few years ago I was lying on the grass under a tree with family by the Lake. It was sunny, warm and we were deliciously full from our picnic and just lying around.

I’ll never forget the sight of a stroller being pushed past us on the footpath. Because I was lying on the ground I was eye-to-eye with the toddler sitting merrily in the stroller, kicking his legs and sipping a baby bottle that had been filled with Coke. The Mum stopped pushing the stroller to talk to someone and the toddler and I were then facing each other. He grinned at me. All his teeth that I could see in that smile were rotten. They were black, brown and rotten-looking. The toddler then threw his bottle on the footpath. As the lady whom the Mum had stopped to talk to picked it up to give back to him she said “Oh is that Coke in his bottle?”, “Yes” said Mum, “Its all he’ll drink, he drinks it all day. He won’t drink anything else. But I only sometimes let him take a bottle of it to bed at night. Not every night”.


Then they carried on with their conversation about something different and walked off pushing the stroller.

This whole incident was about 10 years ago, and I still remember it. The casual way that the Mum said “Oh yes, its all he’ll drink”, and the rotten teeth this poor wee lad had when he grinned at me. Of course he could have had those teeth for lots of other medical reasons and I am not judging this, the poor wee darling.

However, this little toddler only drinks Coke in his bottle because HIS MUM GIVES IT TO HIM. Its that simple.

The detrimental effects on this wee child’s health from drinking endless coke would take up my entire blog. In fact, entire websites have already been dedicated to side effects and health issues from drinking this soft drink.

The solution is simple : Don’t Let Your Children Drink Coke.


When your children are wee babes and kids, you have the power to control what goes into bottles and cups. Why would you chose Coke??

Then once they are at the stage of making decisions…start the education!

Its not as hard as it sounds : just tell them from the beginning that the drinks they are allowed to have are ………………. (and fill in the gaps for them, ie, gingerbeer, juice, etc). And never, ever weaken on this.

Always have a friendly reminder when you hand over money for them to buy lunch or if they are going to the Movies and say “Remember, we don’t drink Coke”, and it works.

Never have Coke in the house, ie, for birthday parties buy other drinks. And don’t buy Coke just for visitors or anything like that – your visitors will cope just fine without it – just don’t have any relationship with Coke at all and your kids won’t miss it. Theres a million other tasty drinks you can offer them instead.

Tell the kids that you love them and value their health, and that is why they are not allowed to drink Coke. Rave on about how yummy gingerbeer is, and tell them a couple of the detrimental health effects of Coke every now and then to help them understand.

If you have older kids, and you’ve decided to ban Coke, then I think the best solution is to really bring home the health effects. And gross them out with how Coke can be used to clean grease off driveways and blood off the Motorway after a traffic accident.

Once your teenagers start going out and making decisions for themselves, of course you cannot control whether they are ordering Coke or not. But you can certainly give them a good grounding and understanding of why it is so detrimental, and hope for the best.

Good luck!

The joys of Tea

I am officially a ‘Tea Tottler”.

I didn’t actually realise this until recently when a friend pointed out to me that it was quite likely as 1) I don’t drink alcohol, and 2) my tea collection had grown to be so big that it now took up TWO cupboards.

But why not? There are so many gorgeous teas available so easily with a zillion different health benefits and tastes.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Naturopath!

Here are some of my favourites that currently reside in my (2) cupboards:

1) Peppermint Tea. Ahh! Nothing is better than lying on the couch clutching a cup of peppermint tea when you are too exhausted to move. Also fantastic if you’ve over indulged in sweet or rich foods. Needless to say we go through a lot during Christmas time. This is a great ‘table tea’ too – put a pot on the table at dinner time, its great for digestion and the kids love it as well.
2) Chamomile Tea. Excellent for insomnia, have a cup before bed. Good for settling tummies too.
3) Green Tea. So much info out there about Green Tea its almost overwhelming! To summarise – its a marvellous anti-oxidant and very soothing and incredibly good for you. I once met someone who proudly drank 12 cups a day of Green Tea. Personally, I only have one.
4) Echinecea Tea. Excellent for the immunity and tastes yummy too. A good winter tea.
5) Ginger tea. Ginger is a great ‘warming’ herb, so this is also a good winter tea, that bonuses as also being good for the immunity.
6) Fruit teas, ie, rose, berry, rosehip, etc. These are all good teas, that are good for you and taste lovely. Great teas to get kids started on herbal/fruit teas.

*When purchasing your teas, try to stick to organic where possible. Or be sure to read the label on the back of the box – you want organic teas, not organic packaging.
*Herbal and Fruit teas are fine for kids, and a fantastic alternative to junky drinks. Whenever I am preparing tea I always say to my kids “Would you like a cup of tea?”…it just gives them the option to join in too, and gets them into the habit of making a healthy drink choice.
*Be aware of imitation – always read the labels on the box as you are after as pure tea as possible, not ‘flavoured teas’. If you are having trouble sourcing good quality teas – feel free to contact us – we can point you in the right direction and are more than happy to source a certain tea-type for you.
*A marvellous place to find lovely teapots and teacups is your local Op Shop (Charity Shop).
*You can sweeten all teas with honey. Kids love this option too.

Have a marvellous day, and enjoy your cuppa!

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric You Didn’t Know

Dr Akilah - Celestial Healing Wellness Center

turmericThe medicinal properties of turmeric have been slowly revealed over hundreds of years. It has been long known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  Recently research has shown that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease.


1. First Aid:  A natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, useful in disinfecting cuts and burns.  Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and anti-baterical agent which disinfects wounds from the minute you apply it and promotes faster healing. It is also amazing at stoping a wound from bleeding, sprinkling dry turmeric to a bleeding wound instantly clots the blood and help promote regeneration of news cells which help close the wound quicker. It is also has analgesic action which relieves pain. Turmeric acts as an antibiotic which prevents infection from E. Coli, staphylococcus and bacillus.


2. Anti-cancer:  When combined with cauliflower, it…

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Anti-Wrinkle Home Facial Recipe

Here is a lovely recipe for a homemade facial:

*1 Egg White
*Contents of 2 Vitamin E capsules
*2 tsps plain yoghurt
*1/2 tsp honey
*1/2 tsp lemon juice

Apply to the face and leave on for half an hour. Its always much easier to wash off if you just jump into the shower afterwards.

Lots more of my facial recipes are available in my ebook. Follow the links on the homepage…

Have fun!

Homemade cough medicine

Homemade cough medicine is easy-peasy to make, and minus all the additives that pharmacy cough medicine has.

Its also very effective and safe for children over the age of 18 months.

Heres the Recipe:

Take one onion and cut in half. Its best to use an organic onion as sadly conventional onions are smothered in sprays. Place the 2 halves face down in a dish. Pour honey over the top of the onions, about 3-4 Tbsps onto each one. Then pour 1 tsp (or 1/2 a tsp depending on taste) of Apple Cider Vinegar over each onion half.

Cover the onions with a cover that does not touch them, for example a large pudding bowl.

Leave overnight. In the morning remove the onions, and give them a little squeeze to remove any excess onion juice.

The liquid you have left is your cough mixture. Mix it around and pour into a more suitable container, unless the dish works for you.

Take 1 tsp every couple of hours for a cough. This is also great to build up immunity at the beginning of winter, and  for colds and flus.

McDonalds Chicken Nuggets – anyone for a nugget of plastic?

Its become common knowledge that McDonalds Chicken Nuggets only contain 2% chicken extracts.

Lets repeat that – 2% CHICKEN EXTRACTS!

Try asking McDonalds what they mean by ‘extracts’ and what exactly is in the remaining 98% – and you’ll find it very difficult to get an answer.

However, all is not doom and gloom…and this is why : if you don’t like what you’re eating, then STOP BUYING IT.

You have the power!

Every time you buy the chicken nuggets from McDonalds you are voting with your dollar. You are saying ‘Hey no problem, I love eating 2% chicken extracts, not knowing what is in the remaining 98%”

You have every right to know what you are eating, and you have every right to demand food that is healthy, natural and from an ethical background. You are SO NOT going to get this with McDonalds chicken nuggets.

Here is the ingredients of the batter alone :

*Wheat flour
*Cornflour extract
*Spice extract
*Sodium Aluminium Phosphate (541)
*Sodium Bicarbonate (500)
*Vegetable Oil
*Maize Oil
*Antioxidents (310, 320, 321)
*Calcium Lactate (327)

And that’s just the batter.

Can you imagine what is in the mysterious 98% of the actual nugget?

Energy Drinks

Honey is such a marvellous energy provider that if you add a tsp to a bottle of water you might just find it does the trick instead of expensive and sugar laden energy drinks that you buy at the supermarket – give it a go!

Healthy Ideas for the Lunchbox

Need inspiration to fill those lunchboxes in the morning?
Heres a few ideas to help you with easy and healthy alternatives…

Breads and Cereals:

There are so many healthy alternatives to the mass produced packaged food for lunchboxes that you buy in the supermarket that we have written an entire eBook bursting with recipes, ideas and tips to inspire you!
Checkout the link on our homepage, and in the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started:

Fill bread products with a variety of tasty fillings such as :

*Lettuce, grated cheese and grated carrot
*A container of favourite breakfast cereal
*Tomato and cottage cheese

Then there is also:

*Fruit or bran based muffins
*Fruit bread

*Muesli Bars are high in sugar and fat…try and limit them*

Fruits and Vegetables:

*Bananas (small are great for little kids)
*Sliced oranges in a container ready to eat
*Grapes, strawberries
*Kiwifruit, already sliced in half with a spoon included
*Fruit salad (make sure the container is totally spillproof!)

*Cheese slices with crackers
*Reduced fat yoghurt
Meat Products and Alternatives:

*Cold meat in sammies
*Corn fritters are delicious cold in lunchboxes
*Quiche sliced into small squares
*Boiled eggs
*Lentil burgers and slices of lentil loaf

Other Snacks:

*Coconut Milk
*Soy Milk
*Pure fruit or vege juice
*Organic Yoghurt
*Dried fruit

-To reduce lunchbox boredom and limit spoilage, buy a variety of rolls, breads, etc. Freeze them also.
-Don’t forget a bottle of water.
-Don’t forget spoons, forks, etc.
-Leftovers are a great option for the next day’s lunch.
-Large pieces of fruit can be overwhelming for smaller children. Cut everything into bite-sized pieces and make it manageable for them – you might find they come home with an empty lunchbox!