So whats the story with Palm Oil?

Theres a lot going on in the media at the moment in regards to palm oil and orangutans.

Deforestation is becoming wideswept throughout Borneo and Sumatra for the benefit of producing Palm Oil and a major concern for the habitat of orangutans, which are already very endangered.

Here are some quick answers to some of the questions you may have :

What is Palm Oil?
Palm Oil is an edible form of vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the palm, which mainly grows in Indonesia and Malaysia – where over 80% of the worlds supply of palm oil is produced.

What products is Palm Oil found in?
Baked goods, confectionary, cosmetics, body products and cleaning products.

What are the other names for Palm Oil?
There are over 30 different names for Palm Oil and this list is growing. For a thorough and up to date list checkout this website under the ‘Palm Oil’ tab :

What can you do to help?
Don’t buy products that contain Palm Oil! Use your dollar for voting, it really counts. Read labels thoroughly. Spread the word by telling everyone you know, and consider joining mailing lists from websites that are in the know : see the links below.

Helpful links :

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