Endless Mossie Spraying across communities in Australia

In the area I live in there are a trillion mosquitoes that also live here.

They love it here – there are swamps and bush and everything you would want if you were a mossie.

Going outside in the summer without mossie repellent is not a good move, you will be eaten alive.

However, our local council have what they consider to be the best solution to the mossie situation. A few times a year they sweep over all the mossie infested areas and spray a bacteria from the base of the helicopter. This apparently is the ultimate solution and we should all be very happy about this.

I just about had a heart attack when I first witnessed this – what the heck?!

The spray is a bacteria that kills adult mossies, but not larvae. You would think that the effects of this would be fairly instant but in the height of summer it does not appear to make any difference at all and the mossies are not phased at all by the bacteria.

Council will tell you that the bacteria, BTI, is quite safe. Of course they will. They won’t tell you its not safe will they?? Checkout this link for a review of BTI and the effects on human health :


On top of this they do what they call a ‘Sweep Fog’ once a month between 3am and 5am where they drive the streets releasing a fog which settles in 10 minutes. Many people in my community are not even aware that this happens. By the time everyone gets up in the morning the fog is all settled nicely into the world and the only effects they will notice is less mossies for a few weeks. If they are lucky they will not experience a rash, headache, cough or allergic reaction to the spray, and if they do they will probably put it down to getting a cold, not a reaction to the mossie spraying that just occurred whilst they were sleeping, more than likely with windows open.

But get this – when I phoned the council to ask them 1) What on earth was the spray they were spraying on top of my family and I? and 2) When did the information/permission forms, etc get sent out as I obviously did not receive them?… I was told by the lady that I spoke to that I was THE FIRST PERSON TO EVER PHONE AND ASK THESE QUESTIONS IN THE 15 YEARS THAT SHE HAS BEEN DOING HER JOB.

The first person! In 15 years!

I actually had to sit with my head in my hands for 2 seconds whilst dwelling on this.

Good Grief.

So lets dwell on that :

*For 15 years communities have been allowing a helicopter to spray bacteria on top of them without ever asking what is in the spray and what effect it could have on their health?
*For 15 years a truck has been ‘fogging’ the streets of communities with chemicals in the early hours of the morning with out even telling them when and where they are coming.
*For 15 years not one member of these communities have complained?
*For 15 years communities have been OK with this?

The main reason, the council says, that they spray is because of 1) Residents phoning them and complaining about mossies (don’t they use mossie repellent??), and 2) because the mossies carry Ross River Virus evidently.

Granted Ross River virus does look a bit awful – headaches, flu symptoms, aching joints, etc. Nasty. But there have not been any recorded cases of it in Queensland for many years. Some would say this is because of the spraying…but I could go round and round in circles here saying that the mossies are not killed by the spraying and still biting….(see above).

So I say to you now – you have a human right to protest, complain and look after your family and yourself.

If this spraying and sweep-fogging is happening in your community (or you live in mine!) and you are NOT happy about it – then do something about it!!!!

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