I love lipbalm

Its true.

Although I am supposed to be a grown-up, I still adore lipbalm tenfold over lipstick.

This has worked out well for me, as its very easy to purchase all natural and organic lipbalm. I always found it a bit more tricky to find the same in the form of lipstick, however constantly new and gorgeous natural products arrive on the market and there are some natural lipsticks now appearing in shelves.

About 5 years ago my teenager did a study on ‘lead in lipstick’ for a science project. The facts and results were alarming. Quite alarming.

Mass produced and some of the most gorgeous lipsticks ever made, sadly contain very, very high levels of lead. This of course was common knowledge before the school project, but personally I had never looked into the actual depth of it until then.

I was inspired to search further for details as to what society is actually putting onto their lips.

From what I have researched, some of the brands that include lead in their lipsticks are :
-Christian Dior
-Yves Saint Laurent
-Estee Lauder
-Red Earth

…in other words, lovely brands with divine products – that are sadly loaded with lead.

The FDA does grant approval for lead to be present in lipstick (the Food and Drug Administration), but claim that it is present in such miniscule amounts as to not effect human health.

And maybe this is the case too. But is it worth the risk?

Lead is essentially an element that is toxic to humans. Really we should make every effort to distance ourselves from it.

We can make a choice every single day to reduce the chemicals, and any additive we do not desire in our daily lives, so this is another opportunity really.

There are some beautiful lipbalms and now lipsticks too that are naturally and organically produced….you can even make your own! Its dead easy – I will post a recipe in the future and you’ll be whipping up homemade pottles of lipbalm before you know it!

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