Pest Management sprays on the Gold Coast of Australia

Good Morning!

If you live on the Gold Coast of Australia, and you are UNHAPPY (I am using capital letters here as most people are actually OK with being sprayed periodically..) with the pest management spraying that is applied to urban suburbs, then it wouldn’t do any harm to phone the Gold Coast City Council and let them know this!

The spray being used is a bacteria known as BTI. There is also a sweep fog used in the early hours of the morning in all suburbs periodically which is synthetic pyretherum. The Gold Coast City Council will tell you it is ‘safe’ (we’ve heard that before) and they will also tell you that housing areas are not sprayed, and that the helicopters only spray on days where the wind is minimal to avoid drifting, etc.

I think we all know by now that these are pretty vague guidelines. It doesn’t take much ‘wind’ for spray to drift and what is a ‘built up’ housing area exactly? When the helicopters periodically spray our area I would estimate that they are only about 500 metres away from housing at one point.

If you feel you would like to establish whether or not this is a ‘safe’ spray for yourself, then please do some research on this, and please, by all means, let people know, particulary the council.

Are we not entitled to choose whether or not we would like to be sprayed?

Gold Coast City Council : Ph. 55828211

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