Is Diet Coke any ‘better’ than Coke?

The short answer is this : NO.

Our society seems to always be looking for an alternative to the bad foods, and replacing it with something that is just as bad for you….

What exactly is the matter with drinking water?!!

Here are just some of the ingredients in Diet Coke :

Colour (150)
Food Acid (338, 330, 331)
Artificial sweeteners
Preservative (211)
Antifoam (900)

Antifoam! Anyone fancy a glass of antifoam?

Aspartame!….don’t even get me started on that.

Every single one of the above ingredients could have its own blog post alone.

Please consider your health, stop listening to the advertising that this is a ‘health product’, drink more water and make a choice that your body will thank you for!

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