Would you vote for McDonalds?

McDonalds annoys me.

Ask anyone about McDonalds and seriously they seem to all say “Oh yes McDonalds. Great training. Great Work environment”

I bang my head on a wall.

How is it that McDonalds manages to fell entire forests, load their food with a zillion additives and preservatives, support unethical factory farming and yet they are perceived as a company that offers ‘great training’ and ‘great work environments’ in our society?

Big deal McDonalds! There are trillions of wonderful companies (international too) that offer great training and great work environments, AND SO THEY SHOULD. This is not the dark ages, lets provide our employees with fantastic options and not expect a massive pat on the back for it! There are also companies that are ethical and honest in how they produce their products.

In my view, McDonalds does one very amazing and wonderful thing. They are behind Ronald McDonald house – and this is a fantastic incentive worth commenting on.

The rest of McDonald is seriously TERRIBLE. Hello World!! Everyday you could find an issue with McDonalds on the internet, in the News and in general, but instead people LOVE THEM because of their great training?

The are often the subject of investigation – please look further and decide harder where you are going to spend your dollar. You really are voting when you spend your money.

I recently saw on the News that a McDonalds ‘chicken’ nugget has only 2% chicken in the ingredients – 2%! I enquired further into this, and its true, only 2%. That’s just wrong. What is the rest of what you are eating then? Ask yourself, am I ok with that?

This sparked a little bit of research on my part, and I have a list of the McDonalds ingredients for the majority of their products.

Here’s a few of them to give you an idea…

McDonalds soft serve icecream ingredients :

Milk powder
corn syrup
annatto (160)
mono/diglycerides (471)
guar gum (412)
synthetic vanilla flavour
cellulose gum (460)
carrageen (407)

And that’s just the soft serve part!

Here is the ingredients of the strawberry topping :

strawberry syrup
pectin (440)
brilliant blue colouring (133)
sodium benzoate (211)
locust bean gum (410)
nature-identical strawberry flavour
allura red (129)
citric acid (330)
potassium sorbate (202)

Ladies and Gentlemen – I ask you – Are you comfortable eating all these ingredients in a sundae? Are you comfortable with your children eating this? Are you aware that McDonalds supports unethical factory farming practices? Did you know that McDonalds supports the felling of rainforests and uses palm oil in their products?

Please think harder about where you spend your money – you are voting with your dollar.

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