The 10 most sprayed produce items in your Supermarket

OK, deep breath.

The list is out today for the 10 most sprayed produce items in your Supermarket.

It will be no shock to see grapes on the list as all the dark coloured grapes that I have ever seen personally in the Supermarket are white with residue from sprays. But such a shame that apples came in second! Sigh.

I cannot even begin to describe in a couple of sentences how BAD sprays are for the human body, don’t want to alarm you too much or anything but lets just say we’re not designed to be swallowing pesticides and chemicals. I will dedicate an entire post to it in the future and you may find yourself becoming a Naturopath!

Heres the list as at today:

1) Peaches
2) Apples
3) Celery
4) Nectarines
5) Strawberries
6) Cherries
7) Pears
8) Imported Grapes
9) Potatoes
10) Onions

If you have a source of organics nearby, I would encourage looking into changing your produce to be organically sourced. There are also some home-delivery organic boxes that come directly to your door – google them for your area and see what you can find. I can personally vouch for how much fun it is to have organic produce home-delivered, its like being handed a gift once a week (despite having actually paid for your gift)! Also some organic home deliveries have lovely little add-ons too like free range eggs, etc.

However, upons saying this I believe that there are some exceptions to the rule though that perhaps some staunch organic consumers would not agree with. For example, if you have teenagers with money in their pockets that have the power of choice of what they purchase for lunch, a bag full of fruit from the Supermarket is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful compared to McDonalds.

Also, organic produce is simply not in everyone’s budget. And that is fine. There may just be a time in the future when it is in your budget, so do not be worried. Maybe just try and purchase organic apples, stone fruit and spuds, and the rest can come from the Supermarket, something along those lines!

Also, its about educating our children to be fruit and vege eaters. If they are already produce eaters then fantastic, maybe start talking to them about organics now too……but if you are still at the stage of assisting your kids to make healthy choices then once again you want them choosing fruit as a snack, instead of KFC, and the rest will follow.

If Supermarket produce is more in your budget range, then do not avoid it because of this list. Supermarket fruit and veges are still so much better for you and nutrient rich compared to many foods in the other aisles of the Supermarket, so you are still making an awesome ‘healthy choice’.

Have a lovely day!

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