The Pros of Eating Seasonal


If you think about how nature provides for us – its quite logical to eat seasonal.

Take the season of Winter for example. If for some reason all our supplies of imported and international produce were not available on shelves and we had to eat local, seasonal produce that was grown within the country we live in, then we would be provided with, depending of course on your climate, produce that in turn provides you with all the nutrients to stay well in the winter. Truly!

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin – which basically means that your body flushes out what it doesn’t need at the time. If you feel a cold coming on and you munch a big handful of Vitamin C tablets, chances are likely that you have wasted your money. Your body will use what it needs and wee out the rest, and a couple of hours later you could do with some more.

With Vitamin C supplements, always take small doses frequently to get the full effect.

This is why nature provides us with Vitamin C in our winter fruits. Citrus (Grapefruit, Mandarins, Oranges, Tangelos) are all available in winter and contain Vitamin C. So does Kiwifruit and Tamarillos. So do brassicas like Broccoli, Brussell Sprouts and Cauliflower.

To achieve the ultimate absorption of iron, which in turn supports our wellbeing and immunity, we need to increase Vitamin C as well. So it makes sense that silverbeet and spinach are also in season throughout winter. These two are super high in iron content!

Back in the day, before our fruit was sprayed and 6 months old before it even reached the supermarket shelves, having a piece of citrus at breakfast, lunch and dinner would provide you with a nice dose of Vitamin C.

It is still possible now to achieve this from fruit, but we have to go back to organic and freshly picked citrus, and avoid the supermarkets. Otherwise, to attempt to achieve high nutrients this from supermarket and imported fruit….it simply won’t happen.

Sometimes we are so used to walking into a supermarket and seeing the same produce on the shelves month after month, that we actually have forgotton what is seasonal and what isn’t.

Have a look in the organic shop or on organic websites instead,or google the seasonal fruit available in your region. Buy from local markets and you will be supporting locals as well as supporting your health.

And its exactly the same for Summer. It makes sense that nature provides us with melons, pineapple and stone fruit throughout the summer – these have a high content of water which in turn assists to keep us hydrated. Berry fruit is the same.

Happy Seasonal Eating!!

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