World Health Organisation (WHO) issues mobile phone brain cancer warning

Mobile Phone Users are at increased risk of brain cancer, the World Health Organisation’s cancer experts have said.

Radio frequency electromagnetic fields generated by such devices are “carcinogenic to humans” the International Agency for Research on Cancer announced at the end of an eight day meeting in France.

Two studies in particular, the largest conducted over the last decade showed a higher risk in those that had the most intensive use of mobile phones.

‘Intensive use’ is considered to be 30 minutes a day.

Some individuals tracked in the studies had used their mobile phones for that 30 minutes a day for a period of 10 years.

“We simply do not know what might happen in the future as people use their phones over longer time periods, possibly over a lifetime” the President of the workgroup said.

About 5 billion mobile phones are registered in the world. The number of phones and the average time spent using them has climbed steadily over the years.

The IARC has groups of which it classifies cancer-causing elements to be carcinogenic:

Cigarettes, Sunbeds and Asbestos are in Group 1.

Mobile phones now join Glass Wool in Group 2.

One of Australia’s leading brain surgeons says the report of the harmful effects of mobile phones should serve as a”wake up call” to users and the telecommunications industry.

Dr.Charles Teo, of the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, said he was “pleased” with the findings. “There is an increasing body of evidence that there is an association between brain tumours and mobile phones” he said.

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