Some common homeopathic remedies

There are many, many homeopathic remedies, and a small number are in everyday use all around the world.

I love that global-feeling that goes with Naturopathy.

In Germany a few years ago I visited a chemist to purchase some Rescue Remedy, the Pharmacist opened a door behind the counter, and beyond that door was like an endless walk-in-wardrobe for Naturopaths, with floor to ceiling shelves stuffed full of homeopathic remedies as far as the eye could see. Just amazing, and I think I may have been speechless. The Pharmacist was advising and prescribing homeopathy, and people were leaving with little bags of remedies. Brilliant!

Here are some of the more common daily-used remedies:

-Aconite. A popular remedy for the early stages of fevers and chills. It has been used with great success for the onset of croup. Its also used for upset stomachs and for fear and fright.

-Arnica. As you know I could rave on and on about this commonly used homeopathic rememdy…in fact I have dedicated a whole post to it in the past! Sometimes called the ‘King Of Remedies’, this is a useful all-round therapy for shock, tiredness, bruises and sprains.

-Belladonna. Used by many for  symptoms of fever and heat, especially in children and at the start of a fever.

-Chamomilla. For pain in teething, and for irritable conditions such as infant colic.

-Nux Vomica. Useful for indigestion and that bloated feeling after eating too much. Its also good for sleeplessness.

-Pulsatilla. For over-indulgence in rich foods, earache, teething, headache and chickenpox.

-Rhus Tox. For stiffness, muscular strains and ailments brought on by wet and cold.

Its a good idea to store your homeopathic remedies in a cool and dry place, and not to store them near highly vapoured items (like essential oils for example).

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Have fun!

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