Wonderful, wonderful homeopathic Arnica

I adore Arnica. I probably use it everyday, with great results.

Homeopathic Arnica is used for sprains, bruising, strains, muscular pain and first-aid shock.It is known as the ‘homeopathic pain killer’ and is consequently great for headaches as well. Its excellent to take before and after a visit to the dentist, and has been used to support  childbirth, concussion, falls, fractures and dislocations.

Its very effective to take before exercising to reduce muscle strain, and a great idea is to drop a couple of drops into water bottles before sport.

If you are prone to headaches, try sipping it in a water bottle throughout the day as well.

Homeopathic Arnica is available for purchase from chemists and Health Shops.

We have some information brochures available on homeopathic Arnica, contact us on chemin@y7mail.com if you would like some.

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