Suddenly water has become very confusing : Tap water vs Bottled Water

Whereas it used to be that water was just generally good for you, suddenly now water has become quite confusing within the subject of which is ‘best’ – Tap or Bottled.

When I was a kid we drank out of the hose in the garden and bottled water was unheard of!

Its hard to say which is ‘best’. We’re all looking for different things.

For example, if you are choosing water instead of Coke or Soft drink, then in my opinion it really does not matter if its Bottled or Tap. ANY water is better than Coke or Soft drink. Chose the water from any source in this circumstance and you have made the ‘best’ choice.

Some of us are uncomfortable with the additives in our tap water. The most commonly spoken about is fluoride. The issue with fluoride is that there are claims we are actually getting way sufficient fluoride in our diets as it is without even trying. Fluoride tends to be added to water to try and increase dental health. Its very common in New Zealand, where the water is already gorgeous and pure (and certainly not of any shortage) in areas where dental-disease is high in children. Not every family suffers from tooth/gum disease so it always seems a shame in these circumstances to take the choice away. If you are using standard toothpaste there will already be sufficient fluoride in your toothpaste to assist your teeth in any sort of assistance they may need.

Fluoride does have some proven side effects when too much is consumed, so its worth having a look at the link I’ve added to see if this effects you or your family.

There have been some alarming studies done recently on bacteria levels in bottled water, with quite large amounts detected…not enough to cause disease though but still not ideal. I will attach a link so you can read for yourself.

Sometimes theres an assumption that as there is a pricetag associated with bottled water, that it is ‘better for you’, although essentially unless you are buying locally bottled water and you are able to track the source, you don’t know where your water is coming from. This can be an alarming concept as if ‘pure’ water is what you are aiming for, you can’t necessarily be guaranteed this in bottled water.

Checkout the links and see what you think.

Either way, you need that daily water.

Drink up!

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