What are Bach Flowers?

You may have heard of rescue remedy…but you might not be aware of Bach Flower remedies.

The Bach Flower remedies are a simple and natural method of establishing equilibrium and harmony through the means of non-poisonous wild flowers. They were discovered in the late 1930s by Dr.Edward Bach (hence the name), and there are actually over 38 remedies.

The Bach Flowers can help with everything from discouragement to anxiety.

Rescue Remedy itself is made up of 5 of these flower remedies : impatiens, star of bethlehem, cherry plum, rock rose and clematis. It is a globally used remedy for shock or any kind of stress or upset, and comes in many different forms – drops, sprays, pastilles…even chewing gum.

Rescue Remedy cream can be applied externally for lacerations, bites, stings, burns, sprains and also used for massage.

You can also use Rescue Remedy on pets! Put 4 drops on their food or in their drinking water and it will benefit them immensely. Repeat if necessary.

Here is a link to the Bach Centre website for more information :


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