Marvellous Comfrey for Sprains

Comfrey is a herb that is commonly grown for uses that are not medicinal. But comfrey has a hidden secret  and if you have a plant take note!

It is utterly fantastic for bruising, bumps, sprains and strains.

The american indians used to call it ‘knitbone’ – and for good reason.

I pick about 4-5 leaves of comfrey and dry them out in the oven. Then grind them up and add them to water that is nearly at boiling point. Let sit for a few hours – then soak flannels in the infusion and put in the fridge.

The cool works as an icepack, and the comfrey works away reducing swelling and bruising.

A word of caution though – don’t take comfrey internally. There has been much discussion over the safety of comfrey when taken internally, so don’t risk it.

Also, if you are a keen gardener, Comfrey is marvellous. I confine mine to a large pot as it goes crazy and takes over the garden otherwise. You can make a ‘Comfrey fertilizer’ for your garden by picking some leaves and simply covering with water and letting the mixture sit for about a week (I do this in a large watering can). It will be very smelly by the end of the week, but if you pour it over your veges and flowers, they will love it.


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